Say No to Premarital Sex

Over three years ago, I marveled at the report of a post abortion organization, which said 1.5million youths and teenagers inclusive go for an abortion yearly. If pre-marital sex were being presented before our teenagers and youths as being normal, why would they want to abort a pregnancy? What makes you think that sex is right and acceptable before marriage and on the other hand pregnancy is absurd and unacceptable before marriage?This deception makes most teens to feel that premarital sex is normal and pregnancy outside the context of marriage is abnormal. How do you plant a seed and feel disgusted at the fruit? Sex could be for fun; however, it is for consummation, recreation, and procreation in marriage. As you get into secondary school, you will begin to experience changes in your body as well as pressure from your peers. You will come across friends who would tell you that you are old fashion if you are not having sex.You would notice the opposite sex all around you as soon as you reach puberty. Some would come with sweet words like honeycomb, some with gifts, and others with promises. Tell them you are not ready for games- tell them you do not need a sexual relationship now. Let them know that you would get into the right and moral relationship when you are matured and ready for marriage.The moral decadence among youths in this generation is alarming. I make bold to say that the entertainment industry has done more harm than good to our teenagers as most music, videos, movies, magazines now show us that sex is the ultimate in life. Most movies now show to us that you can meet a man today and have sex with him immediately and that sex with anyone anywhere is okay. Someone you previously know practically nothing about. Does that make sense?Teenagers think that they are just being entertained, but the truth is that they are being educated wrongly. Virtually all our television programs now dedicate so much airtime telling us that if you are a teenager and not having sex, you are either homosexual or old fashion. This is misleading. The caution and restraints of the previous generations are gone. Young men exploit young women and ridicule those who hold to standards of decency. So deeply, has sexual perversion become a part of our society that parents cannot trust the teachers of their children and children cannot trust other children? No wonder the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported that there are forty thousand new cases of sexually transmitted disease each year in America.One other disgusting act that promotes premarital sex is pornography. Five years ago, I picked up the handset of a teenager and all I could find were pictures of naked women. Today you do not need to go to the internet to watch pornography because virtually all the secular music videos from the white and recently the black musicians show to us nakedness. Tell me, how does a teenager intend to carry the picture of a naked woman in his phone as well as on his mind (the seat of imagination) and not engage in pre-marital sex or sexual molestation of other children? It is impossible because what you see determines the content of your thoughts and your thoughts influence your actionTeenagers and youths should mind the films they watch, and the music they listen to as words and images loaded with immoral values and impulses find a way into their heart. Parents too should guide their children. Say no to premarital sex. Avoid sexually transmitted disease. Avoid sudden death. Avoid unwanted pregnancy not by using condoms but by abstaining from sex. You can overcome and put your sexual urge under control. I have met so many youths who say they just cannot stop having sex. Tell me, would you still go ahead to have sex if your partner told you that he or she is HIV/AIDS positive? Definitely no! Where did that strength to say no come from? Exactly my point, you have the strength to say no to premarital sex. Say no to pre-marital sex. Live responsibly.