Adult Acne – How Adult Acne Affects The Sufferers

People think that acne affects only the adolescent but that is not true. Either you are adolescent or adult, the condition of your skin will determine whether you want to participate in social gatherings or not. Most acne sufferers avoid looking at mirrors and they use lots of make ups to cover their ugly scars. It is so funny that at times, you will see young children asking adults who have acne: why they have spots on their face. Of course, this is embarrassing and at the same time ridiculous. Acne creates psychological trauma. Adult acne not only results in low self-confidence, it leads to emotional pain, withdrawal from social functions and worst of all depression.Both man and woman suffer acne as teenagers but women suffer more in adult stage compared to men. Adult acne may occur as a result of acne not been properly treated at adolescent or it can start to appear late in life. Appearing late in life is not common among the adult but majority of those who suffer from it is as a result of not being properly treated at adolescent due to persistence occurrence.Acne occurs mostly in the jaw line, chin and low part of the face. This kind of acne is a bit hard to get rid of. It is not that it’s usual but because the adult skin is sensitive and does not heal as fast as the young children. Acne occurs in teenagers because of their oily skin but in adult as a result of their dehydrated skin.Medicinal drugs for acne usually come with dryness and irritation of the skin as side effects. Adults’ skin is less elastic, not as firm as teenagers’ skin, and already lack sufficient moisture. To make it drier will lead to inflammation of the skin. Acne makes adult feels uneasy because they feel that only adolescent have it. Acne embarrasses people socially be it adult or adolescent. Men are not able to cover their acne with make ups unlike women. Studies have shown that acne in adult makes them lack self-confidence. They feel shy and avoid eye contact. They are socially withdrawn. They try to hide their faces with cap, glasses, head ties and hair styles. They feel uncomfortable in making eye contact.There are several ways to prevent acne problem. Adult should moisturize their skin if the skin is getting dry by drinking a lot of water daily. They should take fresh fruits and eat lots of green vegetables. They should wash their face with mild cleanser at least twice daily. They should avoid stress induce activities and rest well. They should engage in light exercise and eat appropriate diet. They should not stay for too long in the sun. They should use non chemical pomade and anti bacterial agents on their skin.Read more about the only holistic ways to get rid of acne naturally without compromising your sensitive skin.