Sex – For the Pure Health of It

Given the degree of negative attention sex can provoke in the media, I thought why not offer a synopsis for my readers on the current science of Why Sex is Important for Your Physical and Mental Health! I am pretty darn sure that this is the first time I have written on the subject here. Yep, definitely sure. Outlined below are just a fraction of how sex can be beneficial to your physical healthy and well-being. I do however need to share that you should consider the following: Act responsibly, be kind, all good things in moderation (but who defines moderation?), check with your doctor (really?) and do not partake in while driving.Sex and Happiness:
A 2004 study of 16,000 U.S. adults found as a primary finding “That sexual activity enters strongly positively in an equation where reported happiness is the dependent variable. They found simply that sex made a huge difference in reported happiness measurements. While I will not in this synopsis report on the standard query of how much sex are people having (you will have to look up the study for those factoids), I will tell you one significant finding; that the number of sexual partners that resulted in the greatest amount of happiness reported, was… drumroll please… One partner.The Brain on Sex:
Ongoing brain research continues to show the impact of sexual activity resulting in countering the deleterious effects of stress in important areas of the brain that have to do with memory and anxiety reduction. A Princeton study for example in rats show that regular sex in rats resulted in reduced stress hormone levels and the stimulation of neurogenesis (new nerve cell growth) and neuroplastic features (an enhanced ability for neurons in the brain to adapt, grow and change with new learning). Other similar studies have shown increased nerve cell growth in the brain’s hippocampus (yes again in rats) and with regular sexual activity, increased recognition memory. So while this has not yet been demonstrated in humans, these studies show an encouraging trend!Sex and Longevity:
A comprehensive study published in the respected British Medical Journal, involved 918 men in Caerphilly South Wales. Extensive medical interviews in this cohort study and performed with a ten year follow up studying mortality (death) with related lifestyle factors and health conditions taken into account for. The conclusion was a 50% decrease in male mortality who had more frequent orgasms! The authors of this study humorously point out that perhaps improved methods “intervention programs could also be considered, perhaps based on the exciting “At least five a day” campaign aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption-although the numerical imperative may have to be adjusted.” Wink wink. the Duke Study on Aging also found that the frequency of sex was directly inversely related to mortality in men (while the Enjoyment of sex was the significant factor in the decreased mortality for women! Dr Oz reported that he found a study that showed that 200 orgasms per year reduced physiological again by six years.Sex and Physical Health:
Research has shown that in men, regular male climaxes (depending on measures of frequency) can decrease the risk of prostate cancer by between 14-34%. Sex can act as natural pain reliever with increased release of oxytocin and endorphins (though of course warnings and exceptions need to be in place in the case of physical injury). Sex increases estrogen which in women can relieve menopausal symptoms. Cardiovascular health and weight loss can be improved, with reports showing that 20 minutes a week of vigorous participation can result in the burning of over 7500 calories per year. Antidepressant effects has been found to result for women in unprotected heterosexual activity. Immunoglobin A, a measure of immune function, was shown in one study to improve by 30% with sexual activity 1-2 times per week.So you have my blessing to share this information with your partner or loved ones and if you must, ask your doctor for a prescription to improve your health in an enjoyable fashion.

Adult Acne, It’s Not Just a Teenage Problem

Everyone knows that acne can be a serious teenage problem due to hormonal changes, poor diets, and stress. As an adult, you may remember facing your own daily struggles with acne during your teenage years and the self-esteem and physical discomfort that came with it. For most of us, our acne cleared up as we reached adulthood and the memories of dealing with acne faded away.However, even as adults you may have noticed the occasional pimple and wondered why you are getting acne as an adult. You may think that only teenagers have issues with acne, but you are mistaken.Acne in adults is actually pretty common. Also known as adult onset acne, this type of acne does not always require excess oil to form. Adult acne can form on dry skin as well. When acne forms in adulthood, we face a whole separate set of problems then teenagers. Men who need to shave daily suffer from increased skin irritation and face trouble when trying to shave around pimples and outbreaks. Women will have trouble finding makeup that will cover their acne without making it worse.Unfortunately, adult acne can last for several years. In women, certain hormonal changes during pregnancy or menstruation can cause severe acne. Adults dealing the with the stress of work, children, and mounting bills may see an increase in their acne as well. Acne can cause an increase in your skin’s aging process and can even lead to wrinkles. If not treated correctly, adult acne can lead to permanent scars.Acne is a complex issue for adults, but thankfully there are a variety of ways to treat your acne. Treatments can be in the form of medications or natural remedies. Changes in diet and exercise routines can also help. One of the most important ways of treating adult acne is making sure you drink enough water every day.While there are many acne medications on the market, many of them have unpleasant side effects so it is important to choose them wisely. Keep in mind whether your skin is dry or oily when choosing an over the counter medication for acne.The most important thing to remember if you are suffering from adult acne is to not lose hope. There are a variety of treatments and if one doesn’t work for you, you can always try another.

Women Love Sex And How To Embrace This Fact As A Man And Not Be Intimidated By It

Unfortunately, society has conditioned many men to believe that women don’t really want sex and that women only have sex with their men as a reward.In other words, many men think that they have to do something for their women (like give her flowers or take her out to dinner), before she will have sex with him.This faulty conditioning has come from popular television, radio, internet articles, books, what other people told us and what some people’s parents told them. The list goes on and on.However, the idea that women see sex as a chore and something to do once in a while simply to keep their man happy — is absurd. It’s a bad joke. And it has stopped many men (and women) from experiencing the kind of mind-blowing sex that every adult deserves to have.The truth about women is that THEY absolutely LOVE SEX.Simple as that. “YES”, really — women love sex.As a man, you must embrace this fact and throw away any faulty conditioning that you have that has led you to believe that you must somehow ‘win sex from a woman’. Such faulty thinking will rob you of your masculinity and sexual confidence.Speaking of which — those are exactly the kinds of things that women love in a man. So you had better be manly, masculine and sexual confident if you want to attract, date and sleep with women and give them great sex.You had better also respect women, tell the truth and create an emotional connection with women if you want them to fully surrender to you in the bedroom.You do know that women want to FULLY SURRENDER to their man in the bedroom, right?You see — for women, sex is all about being TAKEN and being RAVAGED by their man.Women love sex and they want it.In fact — women NEED sex.Do you want proof that women need sex?Well, here you go…Many women cheat on their men when they do not get great sex.Would women do this if they didn’t want, need, crave and love sex? I think not.And right there are a few clues that as a man you must take note of…Women want GREAT SEX. They want sex where they totally lose control and become overwhelmed by orgasmic pleasure. They want their men to make them come over and over again.Shame most men are lame in the bedroom.